What is A book vs B book in Forex trading?

In some cases you might need requests approved by a phone call, so that you are sure that requests are submitted by a real client, not a scammer, so you can set up obligatory manager calls. To avoid these problems and make withdrawals without risks for a broker and fast for a client, it is better to follow a certain procedure, where every step is under https://xcritical.com/ control of your departments. Your Forex CRM must have flexible settings of an approval withdrawal system. As a result, 6 departments, the secretary and the CEO of the company were engaged in approving requests for the broker. First, the withdrawal had to be approved by the client’s personal manager to make sure that the request was not a scam.

  • “B-Book execution” is just a fancy phrase for taking the opposite of your trade.
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  • Forex is different from equities or futures trading because your broker can choose to trade against you.
  • However, ultimately, A book brokers are more incentivized to ensure your success as compared to B book/Hybrid, purely because A book brokers win only when you win.

Now even the most complex requests take 1-2 days to approve. At the same time, the number of errors in calculations decreased significantly. The broker removed all unprofitable programs, freed up a lot of resources, and significantly increased their income from affiliate programs. what is a book and b book in forex Last week I withdrew all of my money from all of my Oanda accounts and moved them into Global Prime, and the process was practically seamless. I even have my automated PineConnector scripts trading through my new Global Prime MetaTrader account – and it’s already up +3%.

B-Book Order Execution Example #2: Broker Loses

Therefore, in theory, the DMA model should have better spreads compared to ECN. In practice, due to the commission charged, the trading costs in ECN and DMA are relatively the same. The profit margin of an A-Book forex broker is lower statistically, but it is more steady. In the forex market, it is widely known that percent of traders lose their initial investment within six months, which works to the advantage of the forex B-book broker. But don’t forget about unanticipated events, which occur on a regular basis and cause B-book brokers to incur massive losses, often for many months at a time. In layman’s terms, B-book is the practice of a broker to keep an order internally within the brokerage instead of searching for external sources of liquidity.

difference between a book and b book

Have you ever had to deal with the forex A-book/B-book models when studying the brokerage industry? Or maybe you’ve been debating which of these models to use for your own brokerage firm. Also, having the right software will allow you to use external liquidity to hedge B-book risks in a Forex hybrid model without jeopardizing relationships with providers.

B-Book: How Forex Brokers Manage Their Risk

After all, a B-Book kitchen scheme does not always mean a scam, so do not hurry to put labels. The goal of regulation is to keep all parties safe from potential financial risks or fraud. Foreign exchange market regulations refer to the regulations and legislation that a Forex business must adhere to. However, regulation is more than just putting rules in place; consistent monitoring and compliance with the standards are also required.

difference between a book and b book

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ECN/STP brokers are the brokers that combine both models without prioritization, focusing on the speed of finding a matching trade. DD brokers, market makers, Dealing Desk brokers – all these mean the same counterparty, which takes the other side of the client’s trade, executing almost all the trades with its internal system. Dealing Desk brokers create a market for the client, serving as market makers.

difference between a book and b book

Orders are sent straight to the liquidity pool, resulting in adjustable spreads for traders. These spreads can be relatively narrow when liquidity is strong, but they can differ wildly during low-volume intervals. All trader’s orders are forwarded directly to the forex liquidity provider, who then redirects them to the interbank market. You won’t be paying more to use an A-book broker than a B-book broker. This means that an A-book broker doesn’t want you to blow up your account. If you blow up, they don’t make any money – in fact, they lose a valuable client and source of revenue.


In the STP model, a trader sees only market makers’ orders in the Depth of Market, while in the ECN model, there are all existing orders with prices and volumes. The broker passes the trader’s order to the liquidity aggregator, which picks up the orders of all Price Takers and routes them to the liquidity provider. If the broker passes the client’s trades to the interbank market, it is an NDD broker, serving as an intermediary and applying the A-Book model.

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