European traded gas hubs: an updated analysis on liquidity, maturity and barriers to market integration Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

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The Financial Commission today announces a partnership with Your Bourse – a unique and leading Platform-as-a-Service fintech provider for the retail brokerage and institutional marketplace looking to optimise their trading experience and results. With this new partnership, The Financial Commission opens up a new benefit for members when they sign up with Your Bourse. Your Bourse, a leading technology provider for brokers, has introduced a new feature called “Virtual Liquidity Pools To Groups Mapping”.

  • Connectivity analysis and remote access server management to reduces MT4/MT5 trade server load and enhance DDoS protection.
  • AB – According to recent theoretical work, a more transparent and precise benchmark assessment should positively impact liquidity in the underlying market.
  • All current and future platform features are available to all Your Bourse clients for no extra costs.
  • The most visible source of ETF liquidity is the trading activity of buyers and sellers in the secondary market that takes place on an exchange.

Quod’s award-winning ASOR uses event-based liquidity seeking technology, where every order is treated as a single algorithmic order that scans liquidity across venues and pools in real-time. With the capability of processing every market update and forecasting liquidity movements, the best-of-breed technology also provides a fully automated execution mechanism – using different workflows, including low-touch, direct access, algo trading and retail. Liquidity providers will be rewarded with faster access to market data when quoting at the best bid or offer via the new FX central limit order book from Cboe. Based on the stakeholder interviews the study makes a number of recommendations, which could improve the long-term efficiency and functioning of the European corporate bond markets.

Liquidity Providers and ‘HFT’ Order Flow

Liquidity, or accounting liquidity, is a term that refers to the ease with which you can convert an asset to cash, without affecting its market value. In other words, it’s a measure of the ability of debtors to pay their debts when they become due. Essentially, the easier it is to sell an investment for a fair price, the more “liquid” that investment is considered to be. Naturally, cash is the most liquid asset, whereas real estate and land are the least liquid asset, as they can take weeks, months, or even years to sell. Aquis added dark trading to its suite of trading services in 2022 after assuming the assets of UBS MTF, subsequently migrating it onto in-house technology and launching an EU equivalent alongside AMP UK.

This report, which follows the report published for H1 2022, provides the first full year of bond market data, covering the period of January through December 2022. Working with Propellant, ICMA believes that this latest data set is also a more accurate reflection than the previous report. Market makers and liquidity providers provide intraday liquidity for securities on the stock exchange. The broker simulates certain order types (for example, stop or conditional orders). Simulated order types may be used in cases where an exchange does not offer an order type, to provide clients with a uniform trading experience or in cases where the broker does not offer a certain order type offered natively by an exchange.

The evolution of European traded gas hubs

There is an ongoing parallel discussion on the issue of transparency in the European bond markets. While it is broadly recognized that a degree of price transparency is fundamental for market efficiency and integrity, the intersection of transparency and liquidity is a far more complex consideration, yet an important one from the perspective of market development. ICMA has been at the forefront of industry work related to both bond market liquidity and the design and implementation of the European transparency framework for bonds. ICMA intends to update the report on a semi-annual basis in order to be able to track long-term trends in secondary bond market structure and activity.

liquidity order

Brokers are increasingly resorting to tactics that discourage excessive orders ‒ but in a very different way. On the other hand, high-frequency traders can argue that they are actually doing the forex industry a favour by keeping liquidity propped up. ICMA is at the forefront of the financial industry’s contribution to the development of sustainable finance and in the dialogue with the regulatory and policy community.

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